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$39 Only : 1st 50minutes reflexology or 40minutes 1st swedish theraputic massage

$50 Only : 1st time miracle wave facial

$99 Only : escape package: A) swedish theraputic massage +reflexology.

or:B)body polish+body butter massage+reflexology
total 2 hours services.

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Pain is the body's way of alerting the conscious mind to a problem. Eliminating the cause is the best way to relieve pain. If the cause can't be eliminated, natural treatments can be very safe and effective.

Food Supplements and Herbal Medicines:

Garcinia mangostana L.:antineuralgic-reduces nerve pain. anti-inflammatory pain relief, antitumer and cancer preventive, relieves the pain from cancer. more info go to.( http://goxango.com/goodhands )
Calcium: reduces sensitivity to pain; calms nerves.
Magnesium:muscle relaxant; helps stop muscle spasms.
Quercetin: an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine.
DLPA: helps the body release its own natural pain relief.
EFA's: blocks the inflammatory response system.
Bromelain: powerful anti-inflammatory; digestive aid.
aids circulation; pain relieving properties.
Devil's claw: anti-inflammatory; great for joint pain.
Jamaican Dogwood:spasms or cramping; pain relief.
Meadowsweet: anti-inflammatory; reduces fever.
Willow Bark: herbal aspirin; anti-inflammatory pain relief.

Homeopathy   Therapies

Arnica montana for an injury resulting in bruising sprained/ trained tissue

  Acupunctury stimulates the
production of pain relieving
Belladonna for pain that comes
on suddenly
  Exercise strengthening muscles
and clearing waste reduces pain
Bryonia for relief of pain that
gets worse with movement
  Massage therapeutic touch is
often healing cleansing, soothing
Ruta graveolens for deep pain, injury that doesn't seem to heal   Nutrition food effects inflammation-e.g. food allergies, saturated fats


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