Special Offers

$39 Only : 1st 50minutes reflexology or 40minutes 1st swedish theraputic massage

$50 Only : 1st time miracle wave facial

$99 Only : escape package: A) swedish theraputic massage +reflexology.

or:B)body polish+body butter massage+reflexology
total 2 hours services.

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  Miracle Wave Facial
  The facial of the 21st century from Japan Latest innovation in skin care technology for Rejuvenation of skin cell .

Eliminates wrinkles & lifts sagging skin

Increases SOD and collagen

Skin-resurfacing naturally

Improves elasticity of the skin

Improves texture and complexion

you looks 5-10 years younger instantly

1 Time miracle wave = 10 Times facial

One treatment ------------------------------------- $100


Collagen facial mask:Improves your skin elasticity and adds moisture for nourishment. the formula will complement nutrition. which make your skin soften and radiant.


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