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$39 Only : 1st 50minutes reflexology or 40minutes 1st swedish theraputic massage

$50 Only : 1st time miracle wave facial

$99 Only : escape package: A) swedish theraputic massage +reflexology.

or:B)body polish+body butter massage+reflexology
total 2 hours services.

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Energy and good health go hand in hand. The more good things you do for your body the healthier you will be and the more energy you will have.

1. Eat the right kind of food:
A diet of whole fresh organic food is what you shoud eat all the time for optimal health and energy. avoid processed food e.g.chips, muffins, pop, and drink lots of water between meals. 8 - 10 large

2. Eat High ORAC ScoreFoods:
OxygenRadicalAbsorbanceCapacity(ORAC) is a standardizes test adopted by the U.S.Department of Agriculture to measure the total antioxidant potency of foods and nutritional supplements. They Recommended 5000 ORAC Units Daily helps prevent certain age related diseases & Energy loss. Top ORAC Fruits per oz: 1) pomegranates-1102. 2) Raisins-808. 3)Blueberries-685. 4) Cranberries-500.5) Oranges-214. 6) Grapes, Red-211. 7) Apple-59. 8) Mangosteen-21000. (you can order mangosteen from: http://goxango.com/goodhands ).

3. Digest your food:
It is very important that the food you eat gets digested properly. chew food thoroughly and don't drink during meals. Eating food according to the principles of food combining helps. Bitters or digestive enzymes can be used to aid digestion.

4.Stay active.

5. Handle Stress:
You can't avoid it, so learn to deal with it. There are natural therapies, supplements, and medicines that can help your body's ability to handle stress.

6. Listen to Your Body:
If you need to make a change, do a cleanse, take a holiday, get more sleep, or spend time laughing, talking, or crying with a loved one-do it!


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