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$39 Only : 1st 50minutes reflexology or 40minutes 1st swedish theraputic massage

$50 Only : 1st time miracle wave facial

$99 Only : escape package: A) swedish theraputic massage +reflexology.

or:B)body polish+body butter massage+reflexology
total 2 hours services.





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body wrap


Feet Massage


Ear, Navel candling





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  Solar Sonic Bio-Cleanse
  Muiti system detoxification therapy.
The Solar Sonic Bio-Cleanse therapy bath is self IONIZING, soak your feet for one hour and watch the heavy metals, parasites,and accumulated bacteria leave your body via the pores of your feet,you will feel fantastic!
To learn more about Solar Sonic technology
go: http://solarsonicdiscovery.com


Herb foot bath & reflexology

Herb foot bath & reflexology :
An ancient oriental healing technique, involving a scientific massage of the feet. It is based on the principal that feet are minimaps of the body.

Please note each indivual foot bath use brand new prastic bag with foot tub, clean & relax.

30min s.ession ------------------------------------- $45
60min session
------------------------------------- $80
90min session
------------------------------------- $125




B.E.S.T.Energy spa

B.E.S.T.Energy spa:This foot treatment works as the b.e.s.t.energy
spa starts detoxifying and energizing the system on a cellular level.
the body is able to release waste products more readily.





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