Special Offers

$39 Only : 1st 50minutes reflexology or 40minutes 1st swedish theraputic massage

$50 Only : 1st time miracle wave facial

$99 Only : escape package: A) swedish theraputic massage +reflexology.

or:B)body polish+body butter massage+reflexology
total 2 hours services.

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Facial, Body treatment

Facial treatment:
Express facial: includes cleansing, steam exfoliation and oisturizqtion for your skin type, but no extractions. it leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.
session ------------------------- $40

Miracle wave facial: It is non-surgical, non-abrasive, non-intrusive, low micro electric, current system to promote the revitalization of skin, cells and facilitate bloodcirculation. look 5-10 years younger instantly. one miracle wave facial=ten regular facial.
40min session ------------------------- $100

Body Treatment:
Herbal wrap: for the naturalist who wants to relax in a bed of natural and healing herbs. let the herbs detoxify your body and mind, lose fat, strach mark, not lose water.
for full body 80min session ---------------------------- $65
for fat face  50min session ---------------------------- $45
double chin  50min session ---------------------------- $45
stretch mark  100min session ----------------------- $90
swollen feet  50min session --------------------------- $45

Citrus salts or mcro-buff body polish: this classic salt glow uses a blend of natural oils of citrus in combinnation with dead sea salts and essential aroma oils. it is ideal for sensitive or aged skin to reveal fresh, polished skin.
40min session ------------------------- $65

Far infrared body wrap:IWhen you feel heat from the Far infrared body wrap, it is in fact Far infrared waves which is within the same frequency levels as our own body heat. and this is in tune with our own energy system.it is safe and compatible for us to use.




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